Powder Power

This cross between Starman and Edward Scissorhands has an orphaned adolescent with telekinetic powers suffering in a hostile world.

Powder (Sean Patrick Flanery) is a stranger in a small town land. His pregnant mother is struck by lightning and dies during childbirth because of the trauma. Baby Powder survives, but the lightning bolt causes him to be born a hairless albino with incredible mental powers. He is raised in seclusion by his grandparents, but after they both die, the state places him in a home for wayward boys.

Because of Powder's unusual appearance, he is called a freak. Everywhere he goes people stop and stare at him. He attracts electrical charges, and other people gape at the various electrical and magnetic anomalies that surround him.

An IQ test indicates he has "the most advanced intellect in the history of mankind" (but no one offers him an Intertel membership). He is extraordinarily gifted but feels lonely and out of place. (How many Integra readers ever experienced that?)

A science teacher, (Jeff Goldblum in his usual amusing manner), and the head of the school, (Mary Steenburgen), recognize Powder's promise and try to help him the best they can in an unyielding system. However, hardship is often the destiny of the uniquely gifted.

The performances in this film are excellent, but the plot, unfortunately, too often seems contrived. Although it could have been better developed, this movie contains themes that should certainly resonate with many Intertel members.

Copyright 1995 Mark D. Stucky.
Originally published in the November/December 1995 issue of Integra.

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