Star of Wondering

Poem pages[Note: See also the illustrated PDF version of this poem in Advent Anticipations.]

Luminous mystery in the night,
     are you supernatural light?
Or a supernova
     shining bright?
Or a planetary conjunction
     in iconic constellations?
Or a comet with radiant tail,
     leading Western a procession?
Or only an ancient tall tale
     spun from myth and legend?
Two millennia passed since your visit,
     yet still we’re wondering
          about your physics.
Astronomical anomaly?
     Mere mist of myth?
          Or dawn of divinity?
First Christmas star,
     we’re still wondering what you are.

Copyright 2018 Mark D. Stucky.
Originally published in Advent Anticipations: Poems for Meditation (Friends of First United Methodist Church, 2018).

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