Scifaikus (Science Fiction Haikus)


Aliens need love too
on extrasolar planets.
Will Match work for them?

Bug Eyed Monsters may
just need understanding...and
anger management

But BEMs might
also need big bazookas
if therapy fails

Don’t destroy humans!
We’ve messed up our world already.
We don’t need your help.

Auto-incorrect Haikus Hail Marys

Autocorrect chose
poorly in my sentences.
Spelled right, but wrong words.

Pressing Send is like
launching missiles from silos.
Can't bring wrong words back!

Please proofread your texts
before insulting dear friends

Could autocorrect
start a war by accident
with today’s launch code?


Cloning dinosaurs?
Something less dangerous, please!
Rainbow unicorns?

Flirting with Phasers

I wish I had a
personal pocket phaser
I’d set for tickle

Would you like one too?
Please don’t increase the setting
to maximum stun!

Robot Sweethearts on Valentine's Day

Robot valentines
could contain germanium,
not geraniums

"Oh, you shouldn't have...
Silicon substitutes now
are so expensive!"

Rocket Progress?

Some rocket boosters
now land tail-first like sci-fi
in the 1950s

Rocket rich joyride
while inequity increases
and homeless shiver

Space Travel

Hyperspace travel
may never live up to its
hype. We’re stuck sublight.

Time (Travel)

Augustine knew what
time was until he was asked,
but then he knew not

All was relative
to Einstein and time could slow
down when moving fast

speeds provide slow time travel;
I choose Deloreans!

Will time travel end
if grandfathers die before
their children are born?

For the sake of all,
use space-time continuums
responsibly, please!

Universe, Past and Future

Big Bang to heat death
of the universe will be
a very long show

We’ll fall asleep long
before that show ends with a
whimper, not a bang

Vapor Trails

White jet vapor trails
leave fingerprints in blue skies
until vanishing

We leave fingerprints
on others’ lives until we vanish;
may they be good prints

Zombies and Misinformation

“I love to eat brains!”
growl zombies and most ads on
social media

Mindless zombies, have
ruined the world, infected by

is a virus deadlier
than COVID’s grim toll

Copyright 2022 Mark D. Stucky.

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