Resurrection iBodies

[View the animated video version of this poem on YouTube.]

Resurrection iBodies on YouTube

I laundered my iPhone the other day,
left in a pants pocket bound for washer glory.
After all the agitation and spin ceased,
below the damp graveclothes,
I found its corpse, cold and dead,
circuitry and battery drowned.
Ashes to ashes, suds to suds.

How our lives seem to rely on our phones.
How anxious we feel about sudden loss!
But fear not,
iCloud carried a backup.

After purchasing and registering a newer model,
restoring from the heavenly Cloud began.
Soon, all my old apps, photos, and music
miraculously appeared on my new phone.
My old phone’s configuration,
its personality, its spirit, its soul,
resurrected in the new model.
The same soul in an upgraded body,
newer, sleeker, faster, better,
more glorious.
A promise to us all.


Copyright 2020 Mark D. Stucky.
Originally published in the Spring 2021 issue of Time of Singing.

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