Quantum Theology

Spirit filled the formless void
before matter and energy were born,
before infinitesimal became infinite,
when, from a singularity, a speck of nothing,
the biggest bang birthed everything.

And still the Creator of the quantum realm,
on a vast yet subatomic scale,
casting loaded dice of probability,
nudges particle positions,
tuning endless interactions.

Apparent uncertainty,
and random chance
ultimately collapse
into incarnate intentions
and divine designs.

Causation cascades through the cosmos until:
     revealing transcendence, a bush blazes unconsumed,
     reorganizing natural order, a sea splits asunder,
     reversing cursed decay, death falls defeated,
     redeeming moral corruption, hearts strangely warm,
     and recreating creation continually, heaven and earth entwine.

And now…entangled photons…and entangled hearts…
commune across distances infinite,
yet immanent and intimate,
     with the Quantum Mechanic,
     the Cosmic Creator,
     the God of Abraham,
     the Spirit filling us.

Copyright 2020 Mark D. Stucky.
Originally published in Solum Journal (by Solum Literary Press), Vol. 1 (Fall 2020).

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